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Roadside Store & Cafe 2.0 Special Summer Appeal


  • You treat your visiting grandchild to their favorite breakfast: Roadside’s blueberry pancake—the size of a hubcap!

  • Your server welcomes you to Roadside and shares how much they enjoy learning new skills and meeting people.

  • You are able to enjoy a latte and a freshly baked scone while sitting on Roadside’s covered porch on a warm Fall day.

  • For good measure, you grab a dozen Farm baked chocolate chip cookies from Roadside’s store as you head out.

  • You remember Roadside sells delicious ready-made meals.

  • You swing by to pick up a kimchi grilled cheese from the takeout counter, a fresh Farm yogurt, and a loaf of Harvest Barn bread to enjoy at home.

Join us in making all of this (and more) possible

Dear friend,

Imagine how wonderful it will be to have Roadside open again in early 2024. Construction is underway! The ongoing supply chain issues require us to place orders for all the equipment and furnishings by this September 2023. The cost is $194,000 to equip the commercial kitchen

and breakfast counter. Then there is the retail area where you will be able to buy Gould Farm products such as bread, baked goods, cheese, yogurt and more. We are eager to launch the Gould Farm store, but first, retail shelves and glass-front refrigerators and freezers are needed to showcase the wonderful foods prepared by the work therapy programs of our dairy farm, bakery, and kitchen.

Please help us ensure that we can put our fixture orders in on time!

We will place orders once we have raised $194,000. We know that you are as excited as we are to make Roadside’s grand opening and the return of our guests’ favorite work therapy program at Gould Farm possible. Together, we can create a vibrant space where people can enjoy delicious meals, connect with one another, and support our guests’ journey to recovery.

With gratitude,

Lisanne Finston, Executive Director



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