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Program Overview

A supported transition from a residential level of care to a more independent level of care allows individuals to retain and exercise the skills gained while in residential treatment. Gould Farm offers comprehensive support for those transitioning to greater independence. We have programs both in Monterey and in Boston.
O'Connell House

O'Connell House

O’Connell House is located near the entrance to Gould Farm’s 700-acre property. O’Connell House includes space for 5 residents to live and work independently in the Berkshire region while still accessing the community life and programmatic support of Gould Farm.


Fellside is located in a wooded neighborhood of Medford and includes space for 11 residents. Located on a bus line and within walking distance to several amenities, this program provides access to all the vocational and educational resources Boston has to offer. Direct admission to our Boston program is available – applicants do not need to have gone through the Gould Farm residential level in order to be considered.



  • Residents are assigned a clinician or case manager and work towards the goal of 30 hours per week of structured activities including school, volunteering, employment, and wellness activities.

  • Residents are assisted with skills including: time management, organization, cooking, nutrition, exercise, medication management, budgeting, public transportation, and more.

  • Weekly meetings with clinician/case manager.

  • 24-hour on-call for emergencies.

  • Evening community meals and activities.

  • Weekly house meeting.

  • Family check-ins and family meetings.

  • Private room with shared bath.


  • Residential Transition Program: $235 per day

  • Non-Residential Support Program: $1,375 per month

  • Extended Community Program: $660 per month


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