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Program Overview

Gould Farm is a therapeutic community situated on a 750-acre working farm in the Berkshire hills of western Massachusetts. Our organization serves individuals aged 18 and above who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder, major depression, and other related mental health difficulties.

Continuum of Services

Life in a caring community of peers, staff and their families

Clinical services and support (Licensed by the State of Massachusetts)

A structured work program with varied activities on the farm

Transitional services in Western Massachusetts and the Boston area


Therapeutic Community

At Gould Farm, we extend a warm welcome to our guests, inviting them to become a part of our multigenerational community. Our staff members and their families work and live alongside our guests, fostering strong interpersonal relationships and a sense of self-confidence through shared meals, work program, holiday celebrations, and special events.

Guests live in one of three houses, each featuring private rooms and shared living spaces and bathrooms. To ensure that our guests feel supported and empowered, each house has a Resident Advisor who offers overnight support and assistance with daily living skills. We also offer recreational activities such as hiking, group sports, art, and music to encourage a sense of community and well-being among our entire community.

Clinical Support

Guests receive comprehensive care from a team of dedicated professionals, including therapists, transition counselors, consulting psychiatrists, and nursing staff. Our clinical approach is rooted in relationships, and we offer a variety of therapeutic modalities to meet each guest's unique needs and preferences. Our treatment modalities include CBT, DBT, IFS, MBT, and psychodynamic interventions.

In addition to individual therapy, we offer a range of clinical and wellness groups to support our guests' recovery journeys. These groups include Skills Group, REACH, Recovery Group, AA, NA, and MA groups, Polyvagal Group, Challenging Stigma Group, Transition Skills, and WRAP. By providing a holistic approach to treatment, we empower our guests to cultivate their strengths and develop the skills necessary to achieve lasting wellness.

Clinical Support
Meaningful Work

Meaningful Work

We believe that everyone has something valuable to contribute. We invite guests to participate in the daily operations of the farm, whether that means caring for our animals, tapping trees for maple syrup, or baking bread and making cheese from fresh milk. Through these activities, guests have the opportunity to learn new skills, rediscover their strengths, and build confidence and self-esteem.

We recognize that each guest has their own unique journey, and we honor their readiness to engage with our farm teams and activities at their own pace. Our supportive community fosters an environment where everyone can thrive and contribute to the greater good. Together, we sustain a healthy community that values the contributions of each member.

Beyond the Farm

Transition Residences

We offer a continuum of services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each guest. Our transition services provide additional support to those who are seeking to re-engage with independence, and are available at two locations: O’Connell House in the Berkshires and Fellside, our Boston residence. Our residences are structured to promote semi-independent living, where guests can maintain a structured week that includes opportunities for work, academic pursuits, and volunteering. At Gould Farm, we understand the importance of individualized care, which is why our staff is intimately familiar with each guest's goals and needs. We strive to create an environment that promotes growth, healing, and empowerment for all who seek our services.

Extended Community

We recognize the importance of maintaining a connection with our guests even after they have completed their residential treatment. That's why we offer non-residential extended community services for guests who are well established in their recovery and wish to maintain an ongoing relationship with us. This program is available on a long-term basis and provides priority re-admission to residential treatment should the need arise. We are committed to supporting our guests throughout their recovery journey and beyond.

Transition Support and Extended Community

After spending time at Gould Farm, I moved to the extended community near Boston called Fellside...I didn’t become isolated because the community stood with me. There is a fellowship of community members at Fellside and that peer support has been one of the most powerful tools I’ve encountered in my recovery.

Jose V.

A Day at the Farm

Daily Schedule

7:30 am Breakfast

Staff and Guests sit down together to enjoy a healthy breakfast featuring yogurt, milk and bagels made in the Harvest Barn.

9:00 am Work Program

The work program is the core of the Farm’s therapeutic model. We work alongside one another, tending to the grounds, taking care of farm animals, growing food, and cooking and baking for fellow Gould Farmers and the public. The types of work are numerous and varied, with many chances to learn about and develop strengths, form social and working relationships, and contribute in tangible ways to the life of the community.

12:00 pm Lunch

Everyone gathers for a nutritious lunch and midday break.

4:00 pm Tea Time

Each day the community gathers for tea and snacks to talk about the day and enjoy one another’s company. There may be a recovery group, an individual session with a clinician, a trip to the community center to work out or swim, or other activity during this time of day.

7:00 pm Recreation and relaxation

There is always something going on in the evenings, whether it’s a trip to the library, creative writing group, sing-a-long, or relaxing in the living room with a book or game, Gould Farmers know how to work hard and have fun too! Town trips, religious services, movie trips and other cultural and recreational activities fill our weekends too!

8:00 am Morning Meeting

At Morning Meeting, we gather to learn about the day’s activities, meet new members of the community, and share the latest weather, sports and “critter sightings”. We end each meeting with an inspirational reading and a song. Then we set out to work on one of the work teams.

11:00 am Wellness and Group Activities

Wellness and clinical groups offer activities that support skill building and healing. Guests select from a wide range of options including meditation, hiking, exercise, CBT and DBT informed groups and more. There is something for everyone!  

1:00 pm Work Program

We resume our various work team activities for the afternoon.

6:00 pm Dinner

Whether it’s family-style dinner in the dining room, a picnic at Benedict Pond, or wood fired oven Pizza Friday, the meals served are always prepared featuring the food we grow and raise on the farm, with an eye towards optimizing health and meeting the dietary needs for all in the community.

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