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Growing up Gould - a podcast

In her 8th-grade school project during Spring 2023, Sonia Rundle, a young member of the Gould Farm community, embarked on an exciting podcast journey. She set out to explore the unique experiences of growing up in this therapeutic community. Sonia conducted insightful interviews with her aunt and Gould Farm outreach director, Steph McMahon, who was raised at Gould Farm, her older sister Maddie, and other friends currently residing there.

In the podcast, Sonia openly shares her perspective on being a child at Gould Farm. She sheds light on the intriguing dynamics of living in a therapeutic community and provides valuable insights into how her friends from outside the Farm perceive this way of life. Sonia also reflects on the challenges and triumphs of navigating life at Gould Farm during the pandemic, offering a firsthand account of resilience and adaptability.

An intriguing aspect Sonia explores is the nature of friendships within the community, including those formed with guests. By delving into these relationships, she provides a glimpse into the interconnectedness and mutual support nurtured in this environment.



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