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Trauma-informed care in a therapeutic community

In February 2023, Gould Farm clinician, Brett Thatcher, LICSW, co-presented on trauma-informed care in a therapeutic community.

Sunset view of pasture at Gould Farm.

This presentation was a part of a monthly series hosted by our friends at Care Farming Network - a network of which Gould Farm is an organizational member.

In the presentation, Brett introduces:

• The Gould Farm program • The difference between trauma and stress • The impact of trauma • Symptoms of trauma • How trauma-informed care begins with safety • And how to introduce specific regulation skills in a trauma-informed environment

Brett's opening presentation is complemented by co-presenter Jamie Tanner, an ordained pastor, theologian, and co-founder of Simple Sparrow Care Farm in Texas and is followed by an engaging Q&A session.

Trauma-informed care in a therapeutic community



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