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Strength in connections: our local and regional network

Natana Roots and Colby Wadel, farm team members, collaborated with Berkshire Grown on hosting a full-day Grazing School with pasture management expert Sarah Flack. The workshop focused on optimizing grazing from both the plants’ and animals’ perspectives. Attendees learned about pasture plant identification, rotational grazing plans, evaluating pasture quality, and more.

We are thrilled to be able to welcome visitors back to the Farm and get out to explore the vibrant community in the Berkshires once again! Our staff recently had the pleasure of visiting BlueQ and ExtraSpecialTeas, where we found incredible inspiration for our own social enterprise operations as we prepare to reopen the Roadside Store and Cafe. Lisanne summed up the experience perfectly, saying

"It was truly invigorating to see these amazing people and businesses in action and to feel inspired to continue our mission of marrying purpose and enterprise here at Gould Farm."

We can't wait to see where this energy takes us next! We formed new connections and rekindled existing ones with people from:

Stay tuned, as always, for news about what unfolds as these relationships take root.



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