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Reopening Roadside: Discover What's New and Familiar

We were thrilled to open the doors to Roadside once again in mid-May, welcoming the community back to a place that feels both familiar and new. After being closed for a few years, our cafe is back with a renewed space, expanded offerings, and a heartfelt invitation to all our neighbors to come and rediscover this local gem.

At Roadside Store and Cafe, our mission remains the same: to serve our community by providing a welcoming hub that fosters great conversations over delicious, farm-to-table food. Our commitment to our therapeutic work program continues as part of that, providing meaningful opportunities for our guests to gain skills as they rebuild fulfilling and independent lives as they recover their mental health.

What’s new in this next chapter? 

In addition to an updated breakfast and lunch menu, we now have a full coffee bar and a store stocked with more takeaway and grocery items, many made at Gould Farm. The coffee bar offers a variety of espresso drinks, including cappuccinos, cortados, iced chai or maple lattes, and americanos, just to name a few! No. 6 Depot in West Stockbridge, owned by former Gould Farmers Flavio and Lisa, has even created a special Roadside Blend of coffee for us - available for sale by the pound or by the cup! In addition to all of these tasty coffee drinks, we have seasonal lemonade and brought back an old favorite: Minty Thyme Iced Tea.

An Expanded Marketplace

Another exciting change at Roadside is our expanded marketplace. We've transformed the Store to not only offer classics like pancakes and burgers but also Harvest Barn Bakery treats as well. While the Harvest Barn is permanently closed to the public, you can now shop for essential grocery items at Roadside – from bread, milk, and cheese to a variety of snacks and pantry staples.

When you purchase our milk, cheese, bread, baked goods, soap, granola, maple syrup, and fresh produce from our garden during the summer, you're not just buying quality products made locally – you're supporting the well-being and recovery of our community members.

What Else Is New? Donations, Not Tips

You may have noticed that the new Roadside doesn’t accept tips. Instead, we encourage our patrons to consider making a donation to support the broader mission of Gould Farm. These donations are not expected but are greatly appreciated, as they help sustain our efforts to provide exceptional care and support to our guests.

Gould Farm is dedicated to making mental health care accessible to all, offering over $1 million in sliding scale fee reductions annually. Your generosity ensures that more individuals can benefit from the compassionate and comprehensive care that Gould Farm provides.

When you dine with us and make a donation, your meal becomes part of a larger story of recovery and meaning-making. Since 1913, our organization has been a place where adults recovering their mental wellbeing can find purpose and community through meaningful work, community, and clinical care. Your support helps continue this legacy of harvesting hope, allowing us to create a nurturing environment where every contribution fosters healing and transformation. Together, we can ensure that more people experience the profound impact of Gould Farm's mission.

The Same Relaxed, Friendly Service

We invite you to stop by and explore the new Roadside Store and Cafe. Whether you're here for a hearty breakfast, a leisurely lunch, or simply to pick up a few groceries, we hope you'll find that our blend of old favorites and new offerings makes Roadside a place you'll love even more. 

Thank you for your continued support! And please follow us @roadsidestoreandcafe on Instagram and Facebook for fun updates and product announcements.



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