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Recovery Stories: Julia and Ben

Gould Farm has been dedicated to fostering mental health recovery for adults with mental illness for over a century. However, the concept of recovery and its boundaries warrant closer and ongoing examination. Does recovery have a distinct beginning and end? Is it a continual journey or does it culminate in a definitive conclusion? In the videos below, we invite you to listen to and take joy in the stories of Ben and Julia, two former Gould Farm guests. Through their stories, we can learn something about what recovery means to two individuals who have walked their own paths of challenge and growth.

Meet Ben

Meet Julia

Recovery manifests uniquely in each individual life. While common threads may be discerned, no two people traverse the same path or perceive themselves in identical ways.​ Though recovery defies rigid definitions, our intention is that these videos might instill a sense of hope that recovery, though elusive to define, is undeniably tangible.



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