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Gould Farm to host conference on-site in June

From June 6-8, along with co-organizers Ellenhorn and Austen Riggs Center, Gould Farm will host a conference on-site in our Rev. Hampton E. Price Community Center (the PCC).

conference to focus on humanistic approaches to supporting the recovery of individuals with psychosis.

The concept for hosting a conference came about during an Ellenhorn staff tour of the Farm in the summer of 2023. The folks at Ellenhorn have been successfully hosting conferences for several years on various mental health topics and when they toured our beautiful new community space on he Farm, the idea was hatched! We’re excited to host this special event in the PCC and grateful that we can offer this resource for the benefit of the greater mental health community.

This gathering will be a retreat for clinicians, scholars, and other interested individuals to exchange insights, listen to innovative presentations, and build community. Attendees will walk away with concrete insights that can be directly applied to their work in hospitals, community mental health centers, and private practice.

Featuring speakers from Ellenhorn, Gould Farm, and Austen Riggs Center, the conference offers a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Brett Thatcher, LICSW, clinician at Gould Farm, will be presenting on the topic, The Stuff of New Selves: Insights and Tensions Treating Psychosis in a Therapeutic Community. As the mental health landscape continues to evolve, we hope this event will play a role in promoting human-centered approaches that prioritize each individual's well-being and agency, especially those who experience psychosis.



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