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Fellside: Transition to Independent Living in Boston

Gould Farm is committed to providing individuals with a supportive and seamless transition from residential care to independent living. Our Fellside program, located near Boston, offers comprehensive support designed to help guests retain and practice the skills acquired during their time in residential treatment. With a belief in the potential of every person we serve, the staff at Fellside is dedicated to empowering individuals to lead fulfilling and rewarding lives.

Comprehensive Support

At Fellside, each guest is assigned a dedicated clinician who works closely with them to develop a personalized plan tailored to their specific needs. This individualized approach ensures that the support provided aligns with each guest's goals and aspirations. The program helps guests design and build a structured schedule with engaging activities, encompassing 30 hours per week. These activities include opportunities for education, volunteering, employment, and wellness programs, encouraging personal growth, and the acquisition of new skills.

Skill Development and Life Management

Recognizing the importance of life management skills, Fellside places emphasis on assisting individuals in developing essential abilities. The program offers guidance and training in vital areas such as time management, organization, cooking, nutrition, exercise, medication management, budgeting, and navigating public transportation. By equipping guests with these fundamental skills, Fellside staff empowers them to confidently navigate the challenges of independent living.

Ongoing Support and Communication

Fellside ensures that guests receive continuous support and guidance throughout their journey. Weekly meetings with clinicians or case managers provide an opportunity for open dialogue, progress assessment, and addressing any concerns or challenges that may arise. Moreover, the program offers 24-hour on-call support for emergencies, providing reassurance and immediate assistance when needed. Weekly house meetings foster a sense of community among guests, enabling them to share experiences, support one another, and address common issues collectively.

Involvement of Families

Gould Farm understands the importance of involving families in the recovery process. Fellside offers regular family check-ins and meetings, allowing loved ones to stay informed and actively participate in the progress of their family member. These sessions create a supportive network that contributes to a holistic approach to healing and independent living.

Comfortable Accommodations

Guests at Fellside reside in private rooms with shared baths, ensuring a comfortable and secure living environment. This arrangement provides individuals with the privacy they need while also fostering opportunities for social interaction and building relationships with fellow residents. Additionally, communal evening meals and activities are organized to encourage a sense of community and belonging.

Check it out!

Fellside accepts direct admissions! No need to complete a residential stay at Gould Farm first, if it is not clinically necessary. For most folks, Fellside offers a smooth and empowering transition from residential care to independent living. With personalized plans, skill development opportunities, ongoing support, involvement of families, and comfortable accommodations, Fellside aims to equip guests with the tools and resources they need to lead fulfilling and rewarding lives. By fostering personal growth, independence, and a strong sense of community, Fellside empowers individuals to successfully navigate the challenges of independent living while enjoying the benefits of a supportive environment.



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