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Career fair and info session on April 24th, 2023

How many of your neighbor's names do you know?

What are your sources of community and belonging in your life? Is engaging in meaningful work with a social impact significant to you? Do you dream of living closer to the land?

If any of these questions strike a chord with you, please feel welcome to attend our Career Fair & Info Session on Monday, April 24th -- regardless of whether you're interested in working for Gould Farm!

We have several staff openings, but all are welcome just to come and learn about our model and this unique way of living and working in community, all while serving adults recovering from significant mental health challenges.

During the presentation, you will gain a better sense of what living and working in a therapeutic farm community is like. And get a better understanding of why Gould Farm has been thriving for over 100 years.

Presentation flow

  • History & mission

  • Sense of place

  • Staff housing

  • The people here: community

  • Organizational structure

  • The individual in community

  • The hidden value of living here

  • Beyond salary: understanding compensation

  • Staff story

  • Q&A

We hope to see you there!



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