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Work Program Team

Theresa Johnson (she/her)

Garden Team Assistant Manager

Theresa joined Gould Farm in January 2023, initially working in the kitchen. Her journey to the Farm was driven by a desire to live in a community that supports people with mental illness through a healing approach to treatment. With a 12-year background in domestic violence advocacy, Theresa was drawn to the Farm’s values of direct support and communal living.

Before coming to the Farm, Theresa spent her time cooking at her daughter's school in upstate New York, preparing farm-to-table lunches for the students. Her passion for food extends beyond the kitchen, having cooked for yoga retreats and always using food as a way to connect and nourish people. Gardening has been a significant part of her life for over 12 years, and she is excited to combine her love for plants with her commitment to helping others.

Theresa has completed coursework in horticultural therapy and pursued undergraduate studies in plant science. This foundational coursework reflects Theresa's deep commitment to the environment and how much she values the health of people and ecosystems.

At Gould Farm, Theresa looks forward to working with guests each week, enjoying the fun and learning that happens within the garden team. She finds joy in witnessing guests' evolving understanding of the plants they grow, from planting seeds in March to harvesting the fruits of their labor in July. The sense of community is further enriched by lively mealtime conversations that range from discussing whether woodchucks should be allowed to freely eat the garden produce to the impacts of climate change on our small gardens.

What Theresa loves most about living and working at Gould Farm is the opportunity to engage in humorous and meaningful conversations with community members and to witness the successes of individuals in a setting that feels more personal and less clinical.

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