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Residential Team

Nathaniel Rundle, MAT (he/him)

Residential Director

Nathaniel oversees the health and wellbeing of our Guest community, especially during the evenings and weekends. He and his team are responsible for all the fun activities that take place on the Farm - from Winter Olympics to trips to the movies to coordinating our REACH programming. Nathaniel enjoys supporting the functions of community life at the Farm and appreciates the relationships he gets to build with guests and with his staff - welcoming people in, helping them get settled, and then walking alongside them as they learn and grow during their time at the Farm. Nathaniel has a background in education and holds a masters degree from Cornell University. His past experiences include driving a trolley around Chicago, biking across Iowa and Germany, and working as a production assistant in Los Angeles. Nathaniel loves to get outside and plan trips with his wife, Maria, and their three kids, who have grown up on the Farm.

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