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Work Program Team

Nathan Yaple (he/him)

Bakery Manager

Nathan is a thoughtful, collaboration-oriented work program manager in our community as well as a part-time knitter and Pysanky egg artist. He oversees the smooth running of our bakery work team. Nathan provides support and guidance to guests and staff as they work together every day to produce a variety of breads, savory foods, and desserts. The best part of his job is seeing that his work has a direct, positive impact on his colleagues and community members. He loves that his work and life are interconnected with the wellbeing of his fellow Gould Farmers. His academic background in education informs the way he approaches his work: he thinks a lot about how people learn and what motivates them, positioning himself as a facilitator. Nathan lives here with his partner, Brett, and their cat, Claire. He enjoys spending his free time hand-crafting all kinds of things from art to food.

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