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Work Program Team

Matthew McMahon (he/him)

Farm Manager

Matthew first encountered recovery oriented therapeutic work in 2004 when he worked for CooperRiis, a program similar to Gould Farm. A year later he and his family moved to Gould Farm where Matthew worked for the farm team and learned how to milk cows and make cheese. After leaving the farm, Matthew spent ten years pursuing his interests in both therapeutic work and farmstead cheese making. Through his work as a dairy food producer and eventually head cheese maker, Matthew grew his skills in a variety of cheese technologies as well as his appreciation for sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices. Matthew continued his work at CooperRiis as the community work & service program director. Matthew made his way back to Gould Farm in 2019 as the farm manager. He and his team are advocates of regenerative agricultural practices and strive to create high quality wholesome dairy products for the community.

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