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Kelley Ellsworth (she/her)

Development Associate

Inspired by volunteer work she had performed while attending Smith College, Kelley began her nonprofit career in 2001 working with a large Habitat for Humanity affiliate in South Carolina. There, she served two years through the AmeriCorps program [the domestic version of the Peace Corps], assisting in the supervision of construction volunteers and participating in building or renovating over 60 homes. After continuing to work on staff for two more years, she moved north and held the positions of Volunteer Coordinator and Resource Development & PR Manager at a Habitat in Maine. Following a brief stint living in Boston, Kelley returned to Maine in late 2009 to purchase a family home — working both in the corporate and nonprofit sectors before becoming the Director of the local Habitat affiliate on whose Board she served. After nearly eight years in that position, she took a sabbatical to reevaluate personal and professional goals and made the move back to Southern New England, close to where she had grown up.

Kelley first learned of Gould Farm a few months prior to being hired through a longtime friend who works at the Fellside transitional program outside of Boston. Kelley is pleased to be a part of an organization which advocates for and assists individuals navigate through their mental health journeys. Residing on the Farm with her three rescue dogs, she looks forward to working in community — with guests, supporters, staff and volunteers — to fulfill Gould Farm's mission.

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