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Gould Farm Hero Image Roadside Store and Cafe


Dear Customers, Neighbors and Friends,

Gould Farm’s Roadside Store and Cafe has been a fixture in Monterey since 1978. For over four decades, we have been serving up farm fresh food for the community and providing a healing work environment for people with mental health challenges.  Now 100-years old, the structure is no longer conducive to meeting the needs of our guests and customers.  We have concluded it is time to close Roadside for good and focus on its replacement. October 30th was Roadside’s last day as we have enjoyed it for decades.

Closing for good means that we are closing until we have raised the funds to build a new Roadside. We think it is a good thing to build a new building:
  • That will be spacious enough for us to provide a safe, supportive and positive work experience for our guests who are gaining skills for their mental health recovery;
  • That will have a larger dining area for customers to dine safely indoors or in a covered area outdoors;
  • That will feature a retail area to pick up Harvest Barn treats, Farm products like maple syrup, and essentials like bread, milk, and eggs.
  • We think a new Roadside will be good for the Gould Farm mission and good for the Monterey community. In many ways Roadside is Monterey’s cafe! And we hope you think so too!

We have the schematic designs and a project budget. As soon as we raise the funds, we can begin construction! If you are interested in making philanthropic investment to help us rebuild and open again, please contact Melanie Brandston at, 413-528-1804, ext. 27.

With appreciation for the past and excitement for the future,
Francie Leventhal & Lisanne Finston
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