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Careers at Gould Farm are diverse and rewarding. We are a close community of staff and guests focused on healing and hope. Our location in the Berkshires on a 700-acre working farm provides a rich landscape for candidates who enjoy the outdoors.



Positions are filled by individuals with expertise in a variety of disciplines including social work, culinary and baking/pastry arts, farming, gardening, finance and administration, marketing and maintenance. On-the-job and in-service training and supervision are part of Gould Farm’s pledge to provide a meaningful work experience for its employees. Staff and their families are expected to make a long-term commitment to the work and lifestyle of the Farm.

The Farm provides housing on the campus as well as food and other benefits including health and dental insurance, paid time off, 401K and more. Gould Farm is an equal opportunity employer.

Full-time, Volunteer positions are available in Monterey and Medford, MA including room & board, health insurance and volunteer stipend.











Current employment opportunities

Monterey, ma location

  • Bakery Manager - Monterey

    Reporting to the Work Program Coordinator, this position is responsible for assisting in the overall direction and daily operation of the Harvest Barn retail bakery and work program. The Harvest Barn is responsible for baking and preparing foods for use in the kitchen, for use and sale at Roadside, and for retail sales. The team is responsible for processing Gould Farm products including processing dairy into yogurt and ice cream and packaging syrup and cheese for retail sales. Must be willing to promote the values and spirit of Gould Farm, to actively participate as a member of the community and to continuously seek ways to improve, both self and function.   

    Specific Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

    Training and Support of Guests in Work Program

    • Assist in creating, managing, and maintaining a supportive and challenging work program for guests.
    • Participate in treatment planning and implementation related to skill development of guests.
    • Explore and develop new recipes that will bring skills to guests and be appropriate for work program while considering use of Gould Farm resources/products and reflecting mission.
    • Uphold local, state and federal health codes and regulations and sanitation standards; train staff and guests in safe food handling and sanitation.
    • Assist in communicating with other teams about flow of resources and products, specifically Kitchen and Roadside Café for products, F&G, Garden and Farm for resources/supplies

    Harvest Barn Retail, Sales and Marketing

    • Responsible for the appearance, cleanliness, and general operations of the retail store
    • Maintain daily business records such as cash register reports and retail inventory
    • Oversee maintenance of purchase and sale records.
    • Oversee managing the flow and ordering of food, cleaning and packaging supplies as well as conduct yearly inventory.
    • Connect to local food and community events for awareness of opportunities for marketing and sales of products and mission of Gould Farm.
    • Work with local stores for marketing and sales of Gould Farm products.


    • Responsible for developing and ongoing monitoring of Harvest Barn budget.
    • Meet weekly with Harvest Barn staff and volunteers for individual supervision and team development in support of professional growth and competency.
    • Attend and participate in regularly scheduled staff and community meetings.
    • Participate in ongoing training to meet performance expectations.

    Qualifications:  This position requires residency at the Farm as a condition of employment (living at Gould Farm in provided housing).  Should suitable housing not be available at the time of hire, agreement to moving to the Farm as soon as suitable housing is available is a contingency of employment.  Food preparation experience and/or relevant culinary education required with Serv-Safe certification. Must have interest in preparing great food products.  Excellent interpersonal and communications skills, organization and planning skills are essential.  Must be able to supervise small groups of people.  Must be able to judge the skill & motivation level of individual guests and be able to work independently and as a member of a team.



  • Kitchen Work Team Leader - Monterey

    Reporting to the Kitchen Manager, this position is responsible to assist in the successful operation of the Gould Farm kitchens including the main kitchen which serves approximately 60-100 people three times each day, and the Roadside Café, a breakfast and lunch establishment that serves the public.  Taking direction from the Kitchen Manager and the Assistant Manager, this position is responsible for assisting with the general operations of the kitchens including maintenance of a clean, safety conscious and efficient work environment, leadership of the guest work program, and assisting in meal planning, production, and service. Responsible to promote the values and spirit of Gould Farm, to actively participate as a member of the community and to continuously seek ways to improve, both self and function.

    Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to:

    Kitchen Operations

    • Assist in overseeing the daily operation of the kitchen and maintaining the standards and expectations of excellence in work team performance and service.
    • Plan, prepare and deliver menu items in a manner that reflects attention to quality and service, and health and nutrition.
    • Maintain a clean, sanitary and safe work environment.
    • General housekeeping tasks and sanitation procedures, including sweeping, washing floors and windows, cleaning equipment and appliances, etc.

    Work Program

    • Create and support a work environment that is empowering for guests, volunteers and colleagues.
    • Teach and coach guests assigned to the area, by offering supportive, appropriate and challenging work assignments and recognizing accomplishments.
    • Collaborate with staff and guests to ensure an environment where all participant’s strengths, talents and voices are recognized.
    • Actively engage in circle of support and feedback regarding guest participation in work program as part of the overall Gould Farm therapeutic milieu.
    • Support other food service work teams, especially in a seasonal downswing.


    • Meet weekly with Manager for ongoing supervision to support professional growth and competency.
    • Serve in leadership role, supporting volunteers and per diem staff.
    • Attend and participate in regularly scheduled staff and community meetings.
    • Participate in ongoing training to meet performance expectations.

    Qualifications: This position requires residency at the Farm as a condition of employment (living at Gould Farm in provided housing).  Should suitable housing not be available at the time of hire, agreement to moving to the Farm as soon as suitable housing is available is a contingency of employment.  This position requires food service experience, and the ability to work collaboratively as a team member.  Excellent communication and organization skills and the ability to assist with the integration of community feedback into a continuous improvement initiative are essential.




  • Registered Nurse - FT/PT Opportunity

    Join a dynamic team dedicated to healing, recovery and reimagining mental health treatment! The Gould Farm Nurse works as a member of a multidisciplinary team and contributes to each guest’s individual treatment plan by helping develop, implement and document appropriate goals and interventions, informed by the person’s strengths. Reporting to the Clinical Director, the Nurse oversees the safe and effective administration of medications and overall operation of the Nursing Office. The Nurse provides education and support to guests in medication as a tool in recovery, and skill building around mental and physical wellness strategies. The Nurse also assists in recommending, designing and implementing health and wellness policies and activities that support guests’ recovery. Must be willing to promote the values and spirit of Gould Farm, to actively participate as a member of the community and to continuously seek ways to improve, both self and function.  Full-Time or Part-Time Opportunity.

    Primary Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

    Nursing Office Leadership:

    • Provide leadership to Nursing Office operation, ensuring quality controls, safety and compliance with all state laws and regulations. 
    • Coordinate and monitor training, and MAP certification for all Nursing Office staff, and ensure all agency staff have up to date First Aid and CPR certifications.
    • Design and deliver orientation and in-service training for staff and guests regarding medications, the role of medication in recovery, impact of medication on health, universal precautions, seasonal health concerns etc.
    • Collaborate with interdisciplinary team members, including psychiatrists, social workers, and  nursing office staff to support guest treatment plans.
    • Serve as liaison to work team leaders and Residential staff in support of health and wellness aspects of their work.

    Health Services:

    • Document medical histories, health assessment results, prescriptions, and other related health information for each guest.
    • Assess guest’s mental and physical status based on the presenting symptoms and complaints.
    • Dispense and supervise the dispensing of medication as required for guests; maintain and secure inventory of medication; train staff in medication administration.
    • Identify health concerns, status changes, and safety issues and respond in a timely and efficient manner.
    • Maintain accurate records, logs, and progress reports on all health and wellness activities.
    • Coordinate care of residents with primary care providers, specialists, lab, radiology, and other pertinent health services.
    • Provide liaison to both Doctors and Clinical Team in relation to guest medication changes and health and wellness needs.
    • Administer injection medications.
    • Assess insurance coverage for each guest and communicate with medical providers and insurers regarding all necessary authorizations.
    • Explain medical procedures or test results to patients or family members.

    Guest Wellness:

    • Conduct wellness assessments with guests and develop wellness plans and goals in collaboration with members of the treatment team.
    • Facilitate outside wellness services as needed including appointments with nutritionist, physical trainer etc.
    • Mentor, coach, and support guests with wellness goals and strategies. 

    Qualifications and Expectations:  

    • Licensed Registered Nurse in Massachusetts. Graduate of an accredited Nursing School, with an Associates Degree required, Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing preferred. 
    • Experience in psychiatric nursing, working in psychiatric settings, residential treatment or community based mental health programs.
    • Knowledge of MAP or commensurate experience. 
    • First Aid and CPR certified. 
    • Proficient in G Suite, and/or Microsoft Office and able to navigate a basic Electronic Health Record (EHR).
    • Familiarity with co-occurring disorders.
    • Well-honed triaging, diagnostic, and clinical judgment capacities.
    • Demonstrates strong organizational skills and effective communication skills. 
    • Demonstrates excellent clinical nursing skills, knowledge, judgment and leadership in a multidisciplinary environment.
    • Demonstrates ability to work within a team environment as well as independently. 

    This position requires residency at the Farm for full-time candidates as a condition of employment (living at Gould Farm in employer provided housing).  Should suitable housing not be available at the time of hire, agreement to moving to the Farm as soon as suitable housing is available is a contingency of employment. 

    To apply, please send resume and cover letter to Mike Covell, Human Resources Director at




  • Residential Advisor

    Join a caring and supportive team as a Residential Advisor (RA) at Gould Farm. A Residential Advisor is responsible to support and facilitate an environment that creates a safe and fulfilling sense of home for our residents that fosters and supports their recovery goals. As part of this role, RA’s assist residents with daily life activities and emotional support; encourage residents to participate in work, group and social activities; and supports a living space that is safe, clean and comfortable. In addition, RA’s assist with medication administration and crisis intervention. Residential Advisors at Gould Farm are integral members of the treatment team. Join us as a member of the Gould Farm team for a rewarding and fulfilling work experience!

    Qualifications: B.A. or equivalent and 1-2 year experience in related human service field are helpful.  Should be comfortable working with adults with mental health challenges in a person-centered, recovery-based setting rooted in a culture of kindness and respect. We are looking for people who are responsible, engaging, hardworking, and who are good at forming positive relationships with healthy boundaries.

    Gould Farm is a therapeutic community that promotes recovery for people with mental health and related challenges through meaningful work, community living, and clinical care. This position requires residency at the Farm as a condition of employment (living at Gould Farm in provided housing).  Should suitable housing not be available at the time of hire, agreement to moving to the Farm as soon as suitable housing is available is a contingency of employment.

    Interested candidates should submit a resume and Cover Letter to Human Resources at 



  • Weekend Relief Staff - Boston Area

    Weekend Residential Staff, Boston Area Programs- Hourly Position

    Fellside, Medford, MA

    Reporting to the Clinical/Program Director, this position is responsible for providing leadership for a transitional and community-based program supporting adults with mental illness on their journey toward recovery and greater independence. The position provides the link to full-time staff regarding resident and Extended Community member concerns, crises, issues, etc. that come up over the weekend period.

    Primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

    • Ensure that all program participants receive optimal quality of care and support.
    • Be aware of resident schedules (comings and goings) and maintain an accurate account of who is in the building and their well-being.
    • Respond to emergencies during shift, including use of on-call clinical support.
    • Follow through with any crisis plans put in place by on-call clinical staff.
    • Do medication check-ins as scheduled and assist residents and extended community members in obtaining information for medication concerns.
    • Uphold all policies/guidelines set by Gould Farm and the Boston Area Programs.
    • Complete morning and evening log checklist sheets, including all relevant information during shifts; summarize in weekend log notes.
    • Complete household projects as requested and transition with staff at the beginning and end of shift.
    • Tend to the general appearance of the house and encourage residents to maintain a clean, orderly, and safe home. Assist residents with chores and menu planning.
    • Assist residents with transportation support; provide occasional transportation in Fellside vehicle in circumstances authorized by on-call staff.
    • Support Boston Area Program Extended Community members by phone; support any Extended Community members on respite at Fellside during the weekend, which may include implementing particular intervention plans; support an occasional Gould Farm guest visiting or arriving on a weekend.
    • Act as front line person for any maintenance concerns that arise on Fellside property. Contact on-call staff and follow appropriate plan as situation warrants.

    Qualifications: BA degree with 2-3 years in human services desired. Compassion, warm and clear communication skills and driver’s license required. Good organizational, computer and planning skills and the ability to work independently and collaboratively as a team member. Patience, interest in learning and wellness, and a sense of humor required. Available to work Fridays 3pm – Sundays 3pm including sleeping on site. Willingness to restrict activities/home environment to low risk exposure to COVID-19 during the coronavirus pandemic. Knowledge of Boston area, non-smokers and availability for additional weekday substitute shifts preferred. Rate of pay: $14.54/awake hour & $12./asleep hour.

    Contact Info: If interested, send cover letter & resume to:




To apply for employment, please send cover letter and resume to










Michael J. Covell

Human Resources Director

Gould Farm
PO Box 157
Monterey, MA 01245-0157

413-528-1804 x17
(fax) 413-645-1022










Volunteer full-time in residence at the farm or in boston

Gould Farm offers an opportunity for volunteers from around the world to participate in the life of this special community through a full-time, extended term of service in residence at the Farm or Fellside, our Boston area program.










The energy, vitality, and commitment of our volunteers provide a valuable contribution to our mission. Volunteers are immersed in the Gould Farm community working on one of our work teams, or providing evening and overnight support in one of the residences. Mature and caring individuals interested in living in a therapeutic community are encouraged to apply. Because Gould Farm values the strength of its community, we ask that volunteers commit to a year’s service. We provide our year long volunteers with room and board, health insurance, and a monthly living stipend. A few short-term internships are available throughout the year on a limited basis.










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I came to Gould Farm because I wanted to get social work experience before graduate school. Now in my second year as a volunteer on the residential team, I am grateful to have found much more. Ultimately, at Gould Farm I have found both a place to call home and the chance to feel a part of something much larger than myself.

– Kijai, Residential Volunteer










I loved my experience volunteering at Gould Farm so much that I decided to stay for a 2nd year!
I connected on a deep level with the mission of the Farm, the guests, and with my team. During my service, I felt tremendous personal and professional growth. A big heartfelt thanks to Gould Farm!

– Sherene, Residential Volunteer

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