It is because of friends like you that Gould Farm is able to "Harvest Hope" for adults with mental illness.

Gould Farm is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization


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About Us


In the year 1900, William J. Gould, a visionary and pioneer in social reform, conceived of a plan for emotional rehabilitation based on the principles of respectful discipline, wholesome work and unstinting kindness.

Thirteen years later, "Brother Will" and his wife, Agnes, purchased a farm in the Berkshire hills, giving birth to the nation's oldest therapeutic community.

Now, nearly a century later, Gould Farm's success continues to stem from the truth that a society is healthiest when its most vulnerable members are enabled to thrive. The Farm provides psycho-social rehabilitation in a nurturing and non-institutional environment for adults (ages 18 and over) coping with mental health conditions such as depression, bipolar and schizoaffective disorder and schizophrenia. Gould Farm is a diverse community of guests (our clients) and staff and their families.



William and Agnes Gould

Board of Directors


Catherine McKee Mendelsohn, Chairman

Steve Kahn, Vice Chairman

Patricia A. Brooks, SPHR, Clerk

Phil Morrison, Treasurer

Board Members

Matthew Foreman, Ph.D

Laurie Heatherington, Ph.D

Lawrence Klein

Bart Miller

Georgiana O’Connell

Tonio Palmer

Steven J. Schwartz, JD

Steven K. Smith

Karin Sprague

Richard Tryon

Phyllis Vine

Roberta Weiss

Honorary Board Members

David Colt • Canon Clinton Dugger • Edward Dunlop • Tryntje Hawks • Sally Kelly Janet McKee • William McKee • Ellen Nichols • H. Gilman Nichols

Associate Members

Marc Bachman, Bill Barnes, Dr. Stuart Bartle, JoAnn Bell McTavish, Barton Berg , Lois Berg, Stephanie Branca, Christy Brown, Donna Burkhart, Wayne Burkhart, Claudette Callahan, David Carls, Herbert Coyne, Martha Drake, Ruth Dube, Stephen Dube, Larry Gentile, William Johnson, Bill Kopetchny, Betty Kramer, Ben Kreider, Jane Linsley, Eric Martin, Elizabeth Maschmeyer, Nancy Masino Martin, Tamara McKernan, John Montgomery, Margaret Otenasek, Robert Patterson, MD, Robert Rausch, Sheila Rosenstein, Oren Rosenthal, Stanley Ross, Nathaniel Rundle, Joyce Scheffey, Timothy Silard, Steve Snyder, Kathleen Taylor-Lacey, Leah Tchack, Alex Tinari, Paul Van Sickle, John Veague, Mary Washburn, Janet West, B.Carter White, Ilizabeth Wollheim, Nathan Yaple