Transition and Community Services

“After spending time at Gould Farm, I moved to the extended community near Boston called Fellside and they introduced me to my job at the Boston Medical Center. They paid attention to who I am as a person and nourished the work that was done at Gould Farm. I didn’t become isolated because the community stood with me. There is a brotherhood of community members at Fellside and that peer support has been one of the most powerful tools I’ve encountered in my recovery.”  – Jose V.

Transitioning from the farm

Planning for the future while people participate in the Gould Farm therapeutic community brings not only hope, but builds confidence and supports recovery.  Guests are assisted with transition preparation and planning by our clinical team and transition counselor, while residing at the Farm in Monterey.

We continue to support guests as they transition to more independent living and while living on their own:

Transition Residences:  We have two transitional community living options, O’Connell House, located on the farm property, and Fellside, located in the Boston area.  Both residences provide an opportunity for individuals to further their skills of independent living before they venture into apartments, jobs, school etc. on their own.  While living in O’Connell House or Fellside, residents plan menus, prepare meals, do chores and enjoy activities together.  They further their involvement in the broader community through volunteer work, paid employment or continuing education and wellness activities.  When they are ready to move to their own apartment, we offer Supported Transition.

Supported transition services are available for whatever time frame is necessary to help someone get “settled”. Supported Transition services include ongoing case management, regular meetings with clinical and program staff and participation in community activities for ongoing socialization, recreation and support. Once an adequate outside support structure has been established, guests are encouraged to continue to stay connected to the Gould Farm family through Extended Community.

Extended Community – This service is available on a long term basis and includes ongoing staff support, social and recreation activities and respite care should a crisis arise for the program participant and they need to stay at the farm for a short time.

With experienced staff on the farm in Monterey and in the Boston area, we are able to support guests in all areas of transition and independent living in the community.

Transition and Community Services program description and fees.