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New hoop house means a longer growing season

Gordon Clark posing beneath the trusses of the new hoop house.

Thanks to a "resilience grant" from our friends at Berkshire Agricultural Ventures (BAV) as well as a grant from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Gould Farm is adding a new hoop house to our growing operations on the garden team!

This hoop house will mean that we can plant sooner in the spring, harvest later into the fall, protect summer crops like tomatoes and cucumbers from rain and wind in the summer, and harvest cold loving crops through the entire winter.

Thank you to the wonderful folks at BAV and NRCS for supporting Gould Farm and increasing our ability to provide nutrient dense, delicious produce to our community!

As a part of our therapeutic work program at Gould Farm, guests (individuals who come to us seeking treatment) work each week for about 26 hours on one of our six work teams: kitchen team, forestry and grounds, Roadside Store and Cafe, farm team, bakery team, and garden team. Our garden team, run by Mel and Megan McClure, garden team leader, oversee the operation of several acres of no-till gardens, several hoop houses, and a greenhouse. The majority of the produce they grow gets trucked up the hill to our kitchen team and is incorporated into the meals we eat together as a therapeutic community three times a day, year-round.

Not only does this new hoop house provide shelter for the plants that will grow inside it, but it will also enhance and continue to nurture the meaningful work program offered to adults recovering from mental health challenges every day.



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