Gould Farm has been collecting data on the well-being of guests and evaluating the work we do since 1998. Using standard psychiatric measurement tools like the Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) and Basis-24, we gather information on current residents and those who have left Gould Farm for a period up to 36 months after treatment.

Measureable improvements are experienced by most guests as they move through the program and after they leave. The observed improvements for guests after discharge include:

  • Reduction in negative psychiatric symptoms
  • An improvement in social functioning
  • Greater readiness for community reintegration.

Preliminary research into longer term outcomes indicate successful integration of guests into their homes and families, securing employment, advancing their education, and building new social relationships.

  • Those living in private residences increased from 35% at departure to 63% at 18 months*;
  • Paid employment went from 14% at departure to 81% at 18 months*.

*From the 2015 Gould Farm Outcomes Report