Gould Farm in the News

Harvesting Hope Capital Campaign
Florida couple gives $500k toward Gould Farm Community Center. Read article
National Public Radio
Community-Based Care Can Reduce the Stigma of Mental Illness NPR references Gould Farm in their July 1 public health story on community-based care. Listen to the Invisibilia episode online and check out this article about the impact of stigma. Listen Online
Rodale Institute
Farming for health and well-being - "With a belief that emotional healing can manifest through hard work and service to one’s neighbors—in other words, through earnest participation in community—visionary ..." Read Article
Gould Farm’s Model Forest
"Today, Gould Farm’s woodlands are crisscrossed by a network of hiking trails and wood roads that are also used for collecting maple sap and firewood.  Largely a wetland trail..." Read Article
The Jewish Week
Building a Sukkah; Building Community - I'd never really built a sukkah before. Sure, I've put a few together, attaching metal poles, stringing up fabric, and unrolling bamboo mats. But this was different... Read Article
Psychology Today
Clinical Director Jane Linsle's interview on "The future of Mental Health" - The broad strokes of recovery at Gould Farm encompass purposeful work and service, relationship with self and others in a community that fosters recovery and a sense of possibility... Read Article
Berkshire Eagle
Gould Farm is a work therapy community. Staff, volunteers and guests live and work together, caring for the farm and the gardens, the forests and the grounds... Read Article
A.T. Journeys
The Art of Living - The nation's first therapeutic community of it's kind celebrates it's 100th anniversary...  Read Article
New England Psychologist
What separates Gould from other residential facilities is that the “farm” in its name isn’t for decoration. In 29 houses on 650 acres, staff and guests live and work together while raising their own livestock for meat... Read Article
Irish Times – Therapy at work
The Gould Farm concept is deceptively simple: a psychosocial treatment programme combined with the rigorous, everyday, round-the-year work of running a farm... Read Article
Edible Berkshires
Nathan Yaple on work, baking and beet bread - "Baking is a tool that helps my fellow community members get back in touch with the strengths and joys that were present in their lives before mental health challenges got in the way..." Read Article
Berkshire Magazine – 2013
As the Gould Farm community gathers for lunch in a spacious room, it’s hard to tell which chatting diners are staff members and which are residents seeking treatment for mental illness. And that’s very much the point... Read Article
Psychiatric News
Gould Farm Has Spent 100 Years Helping Those with Serious Mental Illness. Before the start of the deinstitutionalization movement, mental hospitals often had farm operations where patients helped with chores. There is still a place, however, where farms are helping people recover... Read Article