Harvesting Hope Society of Gould Farm


“In the Gould Farm of the future there will be, as in the past, new treasures as well as old. Indeed, without new treasures the old ones themselves are likely to disappear. This fact calls for a risking faith. Gould Farm cherishes its past, but it also moves venturingly into the burgeoning present.”                                                                                   ~ James Luther Adams


Consider making Gould Farm part of your philanthropy and legacy giving by becoming a member of the Harvesting Hope Society. Planned gifts have a tremendous impact on Gould Farm, and can also provide significant tax advantages for the donor. If you are considerin a planned gift for Gould Farm, please contact Lisa Lewis, Development Director, at (413) 528-1804, ext. 14. We also recommend that you consult with your tax advisor or planning professional.


Including a charitable bequest in your will is a simple way to make a lasting gift to Gould Farm and your community. You can leave a bequest by adding to an existing will or drafting a new one. Make a gift of a stated dollar amount, specific property, a percentage of your estate, or the remainder after distributions to other beneficiaries. In doing so you leave a legacy to Gould Farm, yet preserve and enjoy assets you might need during your lifetime.

Making a Gift of Assets

There are many assets you may use to make a planned gift to Gould Farm, including:
Retirement Plans

Retirement plan assets (such as those in qualified plans, an IRA, 401(k), or 403(b) are ideal for charitable
giving purposes because these assets are often heavily taxed when passed to non-spouse beneficiaries. To
make a future gift of retirement plan assets simply requires a designation of Gould Farm as the beneficiary
of the plan. Making a present gift of retirement account assets during your lifetime has been permitted
under recent law for certain tax years; check with your tax advisor before making a gift of retirement
plan assets.

Real Estate

You can turn the value of real estate into community good and receive financial and tax benefits with a gift to Gould Farm of real estate. A rental house, vacation home or unimproved land can be gifted to Gould Farm for sale. You avoid capital gains tax and the proceeds from the sale of the property will be used to support our work in the community. A gift of only the “remainder interest” in your personal residence to Gould Farm while you and your family continue to live in and fully enjoy your home  as long as you like can also produce a charitable deduction. This is a retained life estate and works just as well with a farm or vacation home as with your principle residence.


Giving through life insurance is one f the simplest ways to make a significant contribution to Gould farm and establish your legacy of giving. There are two approaches: You an designate Gould Farm as the primary or secondary beneficiary of either 100% or some percentage of the proceeds from the policy. Or you can transfer to Gould Farm ownership of the policy — either paid in full or for which you continue making premium payments. The transfer of the policy is a present gift for which a charitable tax deduction may be taken, and your continued payment of premiums is each considered charitable contributions, deductible to the full extent of the law.

For more information on planned gifts of assets, please contact Lisa Lewis, Development Director, at (413)528-1804, ext. 14.