What type of mental illness does Gould Farm treat?

Guests at Gould Farm usually have a primary diagnosis of a mood or thought disorder. Typical diagnoses include schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder, and major depression. Some of our guests may be recovering from drug or alcohol abuse. We welcome people who have a dual diagnosis; however we require a minimum of 30 days of sobriety before joining the program.

How many people live at Gould Farm?

We have rooms for 40 residential guests at the Farm in Monterey and 4 guests in the residential transition house in Monterey. Additionally, we can accommodate up to 11 individuals at Fellside, our Boston area program. An unlimited number of guests can be served by our non-residential Extended Community Program which supports people in both the Berkshires and the Boston area.

What does the Farm charge for treatment?

Gould Farm is a nonprofit private-pay facility. Our daily rate is $350, with the total cost of the first month due upon admission into our program. Financial assistance is available to help cover the cost of the program for eligible applicants. To determine eligibility for financial assistance prior to admission, financially responsible parties (family, guardian or applicant) must complete the Application for Financial Assistance. Fees apply for additional professional services, medications, and lab services.

For information about the daily fee for Fellside, our Boston area program, and our other transition services, contact our Admissions office at 413-528-1804 ext. 14.

What is the average length of stay and how long can one remain in the program?

The average stay at Gould Farm is nine to twelve months. However, the length of stay is in treatment is unique to the individual. Some guests come for a shorter period, while others stay longer. Guests using the full continuum of residential care may stay for up to three years, with possible extensions when appropriate. Those who progress to our Extended Community Program in the Berkshires and Boston may contract for services indefinitely. Alumni are encouraged to maintain a connection for as long as they wish.

What happens during the two week evaluation?

The first two weeks of a guest’s stay is a time of orientation and adjustment. This time is meant for the individual to feel what it is like to live at the Farm. Individuals will participate in the work program, have an assessment with the psychiatrist, engage in one-on-one therapy with their clinician, and have an opportunity to get to know all the other members of the community. Staff work with each individual to determine if this program is a good fit for their needs.

What is the Extended Community Program?

This phase of the Gould Farm program is available to guests who have moved from our residential facilities into their own homes in areas near the Gould Farm programs. Care management is available by contract and guests meet with a staff advisor weekly, review treatment goals regularly, and may return to our residential program for respite when necessary.

What is the guest age range?

Most guests are in their 20s and 30s. The minimum age is 18 and there are guests in their later years as well.

What kind of work do guests engage in while at the Farm?

Working a 30 hour week, guests are taught on-the-job skills they can use as they work with the farm animals, the vegetable and flower gardens, the auto shop, kitchen, housekeeping, Harvest Barn bakery, and Roadside Store & Café. Additionally, guests participate in health and well-being activities, therapeutic groups, and one-on-one counseling.