Harvesting Hope Capital Campaign

A Community Opportunity

As a full-time volunteer said recently, “The new community center is a third complementing piece, perhaps of equal importance, to the work program and clinical setting. It will be an integration of the arts and all community-centered practices in ways never possible before.”

About the Community Center

  • The epicenter of a true campus hub
  • The gathering site for the entire community of 120+ guests, staff, families, volunteers and Gould Farm friends
  • 5,000 square feet of new space=more options for visual arts, performing arts, handcarts, fitness, wellness and small and large group activities
  • Year-round indoor sports and fitness activities will be available to all
  • Professional performing arts groups, guest speakers, conferences or public gatherings for the Farm and our neighbors will be possible

When the building opens, guests will have a dedicated space for a range of activities, including:

  • Music Private, sound proof rooms for lessons and performances
  • Chorus Group Guests, staff and volunteers singing and learning together
  • Music Jam Sessions  Impromptu or for special concerts
  • Open-Mic Nights More space for this Gould Farm favorite
  • Sports Basketball, volleyball, ping-pong
  • Creative Arts Painting, drawing, ceramics, creative writing, whatever!
  • Fitness Aerobic exercise equipment, weights and exercise classes
  • Wellness Yoga, meditation, Pilates, nutrition classes