Board of Directors

  • Officers
  • Phyllis Vine, Ph.D., MPH, Chair
  • Roberta Weiss, Vice Chair
  • Sheila Rosenstein, Clerk
  • Phil Morrison, Treasurer

  • Board Members
  • Dana Barrows
  • Kim Bradley
  • Patricia Brooks
  • Stephen Dube
  • Matthew Foreman, Ph.D
  • Laurie Heatherington, Ph.D
  • Steve Kahn
  • Lawrence Klein
  • Catherine McKee Mendelsohn
  • Tonio Palmer
  • Steven J. Schwartz, JD
  • Steven K. Smith

  • Honorary Board Members
  • David Colt
  • Cannon Clinton Dugger
  • Janet McKee
  • Henry Gilman Nichols


From “Gould Farm: A Life of Sharing” by William J. McKee, 1994:

“In 1922 [Will] Gould submitted a tentative plan to the Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare proposing incorporations ‘Gould Farms, Inc.’ He thought that incorporating the enterprise, with a board of trustees or directors, might help to assure that the work would continue after his lifetime. But his primary reason for not carrying out such a plan, according to Mrs. Gould, ‘lay in his sense of the great danger that any formal organization would tend to institutionalize the work and put it ultimately under the control of people who were not themselves being educated by day-to-day problems and opportunities for service experienced by those who were constantly living on the Farm.’”

After Will Gould’s death, the Farm was incorporated as a charity in 1929 and the staff members who lived in community became the trustees. Eventually, after Agnes’ death, nonresident friends of the Farm were invited to join the board as well.

Today the board of directors is made up of all nonresident volunteers who support the work of Gould Farm and provide mission-based leadership and strategic governance. Board members review outcomes and metrics for measuring the program’s impact and take an active role in the annual Cooperative Review of both the Farm and Fellside programs. Board members serve on committees that guide the Farm towards new opportunities and make sure the organization is meeting all legal and fiduciary responsibilities.

Members of the board of directors are also Gould Farm Associates, a larger group that includes friends of the Farm, former guests and parents of former guests, and staff members. Among other board responsibilities, the Associates elect the board of directors and approve policy changes.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: William Barnes, JoAnn Bell, Wayne Burkhart, Claudette Callahan, Herbert Coyne, Martha Drake, Robert Gardiner, Larry Gentile, Ben Kreider, Francie Leventhal, Jane Linsley, Eric Martin, Elizabeth Maschmeyer, Nancy Masino Martin, Tamara McKernan,  Margaret Otenasek, Robert Rausch, Mayra Rodriguez, Stanley Ross, Joan Rubinstein, Nathaniel Rundle, Timothy Silard, Steve Snyder, Dick Tryon, Paul van Sickle, Abaye Steinmetz-Silber, Janet West, Nathan Yaple