Woven Roots: Partnership Benefits Guests, Harvest Barn and Community

For a third season, Gould Farm has partnered with Woven Roots Farm to provide an internship opportunity to a Gould Farmer who is in transition, or is part of Gould Farm’s non-residential extended community. The internship involves running a weekly farm stand at Woven Roots, where the intern sells Gould Farm products, and shares Gould Farm’s mission and message of hope.

Woven Roots is a family-run, community-focused, sustainable farm and education center in Tyringham. Owners, Pete and Jen Salinetti help support the farm by selling much of their produce through their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Through the CSA program, Woven Roots provides weekly produce to 75 member households that have bought shares of the harvest at the beginning of the season.

The intern’s job begins on Friday as she prepares Harvest Barn and other Gould Farm products to take to Woven Roots on Saturday. Preparation includes choosing what and how much product to bring, preparing products for transport and display, and being prepared to make cash and credit card transactions.

On Saturday, the intern transports the products to Woven Roots, sets up the farm stand and markets and sells our breads, desserts and other products to CSA members, as they pick up their weekly produce shares. The CSA members appreciate the chance to take home quality baked and other goods, and enjoy chatting about Gould Farm.

The internship provides people in transition with an employment opportunity that allows them to practice job skills, such as marketing and customer service, to list it as experience on a resume, and to become more involved with the wider Berkshire community.

For this season’s intern, “It’s like running a small business. One that allows me to be involved in the community and has already helped me by providing a support system outside of the farm. I feel grateful to be working in such an enriching environment.”