Alpacas at Gould Farm

Now when you visit the farm you will be able to meet Dexter and Maverick, two fluffy, friendly, fawn-colored alpacas, donated by a friend of the farm. In addition to being adorable, we hope that the alpacas will play a therapeutic role in the lives of guests on the farm. Researchers and therapy animal owners have said that engaging with and caring for animals may have therapeutic benefits for a variety of health challenges, including:
• Combating loneliness and encouraging social integration
• Promoting a sense of responsibility and empathy with others
• Encouraging nurturing traits
• Promoting self-esteem, independence and self-confidence
• Reducing stress
• Acting as a catalyst for change and helping people through transitional life stages
• Assisting people in finding alternative ‘coping strategies’ to face challenges and support personal growth.
                                                                           -From “Using Alpacas as Therapy Animals.


Alpaca Barn3d


For now, the alpacas live in a temporary shelter where they are visited and cared for by Farm guests. We continue to raise funds to build a permanent home for Dexter and Maverick and there is still time to contribute! Contact