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Boston Program Volunteer

Twyla Barkakoty

After I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, I was looking to spend a year in service before pursuing further education. An alumnus from my college referred me to his friend who volunteered at Gould Farm’s Boston Area Program, Fellside, about 25 years ago. I was aware of my affinity towards close-knit communities. After being able to speak with people, such as staff and former Resident Advisors, Fellside seemed like the best next step for me.


I was a volunteer in Boston for a year. It was truly a meaningful experience for me to say the least. The Fellside community will always have a special place in my heart. Being able to celebrate each other’s successes and to strive to be a compassionate and supportive presence during times of hardship has taught me a lot about kindness, joy, resilience, patience, and just what it means to be human.

I chose to move on from my volunteer experience after my year of service was over. This process taught me to learn to embrace ambiguity with patience and grace. I was applying to graduate schools across the country. With that came a lot of rejections and a few acceptances. Ultimately, I enrolled in Harvard Divinity School where I am currently a first year Master of Divinity candidate. I maintain a fond connection to Fellside and the extended Gould Farm community.

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