To help reduce program expenses, Gould Farm welcomes the donation of supplies, services, and/or equipment that are regularly used in work program or for guest activities. We are also in used cars and trucks — give your vehicle new life here on the farm! Should you have any of these items that are new (or almost new) and would like to donate them to our organization, please contact the Development office 413-528-1804 or email Maria at mrundle@gouldfarm.org. With your tax-deductible donation of any item on this list, you become a part of our mission to promote recovery and make our program accessible to everyone!

Work Program

Espresso grinder for Roadside Cafe

Espresso cups for Roadside Cafe

Bathroom mirror for Roadside Cafe

Food processor for Roadside Cafe

Air conditioner for Roadside Cafe

Dehumidifier for Roadside Cafe

Pots and pans for the Kitchen team

2 – 3 cows for the Farm team

Muck boots for the Farm and Garden teams who are out there mucking

Bees Oil and oil filters for the auto shop

Steamer for the Kitchen team. Veggies are nutritious and delicious!

Calf hutches. Our baby cows need nice homes, too!

Fencing supplies. Wooden posts, boards, white paint.

Chicken netting fence

Vacuum cleaner for Forestry and Grounds

Pizza oven accoutrements. Harvest Barn pizza and ice cream nights are the highlight of summer.

$300 to refurbish the outdoor grill

Ice machine for the Kitchen

Chest freezers to help us preserve more of our produce

Ball jars for food preservation– help us make the most of our Summer harvest!

Garden carts and wheelbarrows

Snow mobile for grooming winter trails

Lawn mower and equipment shed

Utility vehicles (golf cart, ATV) for Garden, Forestry and Grounds, and Farm teams

Guest Activities

Pottery supplies: clay, glaze, books. We already have 2 wheels, a kiln and some amazing artists!

Baby grand piano for Main House. (Even the piano tuner tells us we are throwing good money after bad trying to keep the one we have now in tune.)

Heating system for the music shed. (Brrrrrrr… it gets cold in the winter but we still want to jam!)

Tennis net

Tennis court resurfacing

Backboard for the basketball court

Bicycle repair tools

Desktop computer

Apple computer to improve the media center for our guests

Refurbish the white van that takes us on off-Farm trips. It will cost about $3,000 to fix it up.

Good quality sleeping bags, tents, hiking backpacks, trekking poles. Older stuff is okay as long as it’s in good condition!

A decent classical and a decent steel-string guitar. Do you have one sitting in a closet?

Community Life


Bath mats for the guest houses

Gently used winter coats and boots for guests who may be coming from warmer climates

Gently used furniture for guest houses. Help us make a home-away-from-home for our guests!

Dehumidifier for the Fellside basement

Air conditioner for Fellside

Rain barrels for Fellside downspouts

Conveyor toaster for the dining room

Used vehicles. Reliable cars to transport guests to off-Farm events and doctors appointments.

Apple trees. If we can replace 1-2 trees in the orchard every year we’ll have a healthy, happy orchard for years to come.

Big Dreams

iPads for the Clinicians to have meetings with guests on the go

Electronic Health Records system. Let’s say goodbye to binders and integrate all of our good work more efficiently!

Underwriter for staff training in Open Dialogue. Check out this article in the New York Times regarding Open Dialogue.

Main House renovations. How about a solarium?

New building for Roadside

New Community Center