Harvesting Hope Capital Campaign


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Your gift will help us reach our campaign goal of $2.6 million, so we can break ground in spring, 2019 on a new building that advances the recovery process and supports a larger community of guests, staff, volunteers, and alumni.


On Saturday, October 20, 2018, Gould Farm proudly announced the Harvesting Hope Capital Campaign raised $2, 350.779–90% of the $2.6 million needed to build the first Community Center. Designed as a red barn, the building will provide more than 120 guests, staff, families and volunteers who live on the Farm with an additional 5,000 square feet of much-needed flexible space for more integrated wellness, music and arts activities. The larger space also opens up more opportunities for alumni, friends, and Berkshire residents to attend public performances and social events.


About the Community Center


  • The epicenter of a true campus hub
  • The gathering site for the entire community of 120+ guests, staff, families, volunteers and Gould Farm friends
  • 5,000 square feet of new space=more options for visual arts, performing arts, handcarts, fitness, wellness and small and large group activities
  • Year-round indoor sports and fitness activities will be available to all
  • Professional performing arts groups, guest speakers, conferences or public gatherings for the Farm and our neighbors will be possible


When the building opens, guests will have a dedicated space for a range of activities, including:


  • Music Private, sound proof rooms for lessons and performances
  • Chorus Group Guests, staff and volunteers singing and learning together
  • Music Jam Sessions  Impromptu or for special concerts
  • Open-Mic Nights More space for this Gould Farm favorite
  • Sports Basketball, volleyball, ping-pong
  • Creative Arts Painting, drawing, ceramics, creative writing, whatever!
  • Fitness Aerobic exercise equipment, weights and exercise classes
  • Wellness Yoga, meditation, Pilates, nutrition classes


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